MGT_301 GDB Solution Spring 2019
MGT_301 GDB Solution Spring 2019

MGT_301 GDB Solution Spring 2019

Here we come to know the Marketing Mix strategies for an organization that is keen to extend its brand portfolio. Marketing Mix is the Process of 4Ps Product, Price, Place and Promotion detail of 4Ps asunder.

The Marketing staff of Hamdard identify the consumer need and then provide the product “Go” to fill this need. Hamdard team take this action in Ramzan, it is a good sign according to the customer need. Marketers job is providing the right product at the right time to the consumer. Hamdard introduce “GO” as a new product that generates numerous consumer demand. The marketing department of Hamdard may ask you find a way to speed up the work flow in order to crank out more products faster.


A marketer wants to be proactive in setting a price of the product to the market place. Hamdard introduce a new product, the Hamdard marketers need to be sure that the price is competitive with that the similar products. If the price is higher, that the consumer perceives they are getting more value for their money. When Hamdard launches the “GO” product the marketers of Hamdard can have an important impact on their pricing decision. They have to set the price of “GO” is lower as compare to competitor.

Marketers look at where the product is placed geographically. It is sold regionally, nationally or internationally. The most important is now how “GO” product can be distributed in the best way because PIA staff sale is starting up sale. Now need to expand the sale and brand “GO” Hamdard marketers must need to optimum distribution channel. It will be decided that the product “GO” will be marketed regionally or nationally or internationally. It also be check out the design, logistics, transportation and ware housing.

Promotion of a product is considered the advertisement of the product and public relations. But Hamdard can’t advertise their product “GO” yet. Sale promotion is special offers design to entire people to purchase a product of Hamdard “GO”. These can include a coupon, two for one deal, free sample and contests. Advertisements to notice the people for a product. Hamdard also needs to advertise its product “GOES” through magazine ads, billboards, TV, radio commercial and web site adds also.