CS_504 Assignment Solution.
CS_504 Assignment Solution.

CS_504 Assignment Solution.


Practice testing system for primary students:

PTS (practice testing system) is an online platform for primary students to have practice tests for some major courses like English, math, general knowledge, science and Urdu. This application container a large repository of MCQ-based test items which cover comprehension, sentence completion and basic mathematical operation etc. This system has two major stakeholder: Administrator and students. Both user will need to log in to the system through an internal authentication process.Administor can manage quiz bank for each course by adding, removing or updating question record. Student will need registration to use the application at first. To attempt a practice test, student can start a general test containing all the courses or he/she can select specific course to be evaluated. After finishing the test, students can view his/her overall test marker or course-wise marks.

Question No 1:

Read the above-mentioned system specification and draw context diagram of the practice testing system.

Answer No 1:

Question No 2:

Draw a use case diagram of the practice testing system. Also depict (if needed) any include, extend relations and hierarchy between use cases in the diagram.

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